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I am a writer and academic, and you can find out more about my work here, including my most recent book, Peace At Last: A Portrait of Armistice Day, 11 November 1918, which was published by Yale University Press in October 2018.  Yale University Press also published my biography of Wilfred Owen in 2014, and I am a General Editor of Edward Thomas’s prose for Oxford University Press.  I am currently working on a scholarly edition of Edward Thomas’s The Icknield Way and In Pursuit of Spring.   In 2018, I gave the British Academy’s Chatterton Lecture on Poetry, choosing Thomas as my subject.

An Associate Professor in English Literature and Head of the School of Humanities at Liverpool Hope University, I live on the Wirral, grew up in the Midlands and studied at St Andrews and Oxford.


‘[a] brilliant portrayal of Britain on the day that peace broke out, when people could believe there was an end to the war to end all wars. He weaves a wonderful tapestry of the mood and events across the country, drawing on a wide range of local and regional newspapers. It is accessible history at its best. […] outstanding’

(Peace At LastThe Evening Standard, 8 November 2018)



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  • Peace at Last will be published in paperback in 2022.


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  • I recently appeared on the podcast The Allusionist, episodes 82 and 91.
  • I interviewed John Jammes, former member of the French Resistance.
  • I was interviewed for the Stromness Books & Prints book blog.
  • I wrote a short article about the Tolkien family’s connections with Solihull School.


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