Television, radio, podcasts

Television, radio, podcasts

Television, radio and podcast appearances include:


Television: BBC 2.  Wilfred Owen film broadcast 4 August 2014 within World War One Remembered from Westminster Abbey (9pm).


Television: BBC 1.  Songs of Praise – Wilfred Owen interview, 4 November 2018.


Television: Granada Reports, Armistice interview, 9 November 2018.


Television: BBC 1.  Remembrance Sunday: The Cenotaph, 2018 – World War One Remembered.  11 November 2018.  Presenter: David Dimbleby.  (10am-1.30pm)

Radio: BBC Radio Wales.  Wilfred Owen interview, 3 April 2014.


Radio: BBC Radio Merseyside.  GM Hopkins interview 28 April 2015, and Armistice interview 9 November 2018.


Radio: BBC Radio London, Armistice interview, 10 November 2018.


Podcast: The Allusionist, episode 82, 10 August 2018 (repeated in 2019 on Shedunnit);


Podcast: The Allusionist, episode 91 at Christmas 2018.


Podcast: GLADcast, on Peace at Last, Gladstone’s Library, 2018.


Podcast: Military History Inside Out podcast, on Peace at Last, December 2018.


Podcast: Shedunnit, ‘Peace at Last’ episode, 11 November 2020.


Podcast: Shedunnit, ‘At Home with Shedunnit’, 6 October 2021.



Radio and Podcast: BBC Radio 4 In Our Time, ‘Wilfred Owen’, 27 October 2022.  (Also in an In Our Time anthology on Audible.)



Podcast: Shedunnit, ‘The Shedunnit Centenary’, 2 November 2022.  BBC Sounds.


Podcast: Shedunnit,  ‘The Death of the Country House’, 22 February 2023. BBC Sounds. YouTube.


Podcast: Shedunnit, ‘The Box of Delights’, December 2023.  Shedunnit Book Club.