Although most of my publications have been focused on Edward Thomas, Wilfred Owen and the Armistice, I have also published on some other areas of the First World War, including the following:


On British poetry of the First World War:

‘Capturing Home: British First World War Poetry’, British Literature in Transition, 1900-1920: A New Age?, ed. James Purdon (Cambridge University Press, 2022), pp. 122-35.


On Rupert Brooke:

‘Warwickshire’s Adlestrop: Rupert Brooke in the Forest of Arden’, War Poetry Review, 2014-15


On Dymock Poets:

‘Dymock Poets’ [a ‘Reference Group’ essay], The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, online edition, Oxford University Press (published October 2009) [www.oxforddnb.com/view/theme/100255]


On Jon Stallworthy:

‘The Leading Scholar of War Poetry’, Oxford Magazine, 355 (Noughth Week, Hilary Term)

‘War and the Poet’, English, 64 (Summer 2015)

‘War’s Lives, Lies and Legacies’, a review essay on Survivors’ Songs: From Maldon to the Somme, by Jon Stallworthy, Twentieth-Century Literature, lv, 3 (Fall 2009)




I was interviewed by Cal Flyn for Five Books about ‘The Best Books on Poetry of the First World War’ in March 2023.